Structural Balancing Technique

  • Integrating a combination of therapies and deep soft tissue manipulation, SBT is customized to each individual client’s needs, to reorganize balance and structure through the myofascial system.
  • Balances the body by lengthening and freeing tight tissue and stimulating weak and/or inhibited muscles.
  • Benefits include improved balance and posture, increased circulation, relief of pain in the upper and lower back, neck, pelvis, and hips, as well as relief from headaches, sciatica, frozen shoulder, bursitis, and general tension.
  • Can be used to achieve permanent pain relief by addressing the cause(s) of pain rather than temporary relief of symptoms.
  • Therapies that may be included:
    • Rolfing
    • Myoskeletal Alignment Technique
    • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Reflexology