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Structural Balancing Technique

Integrating multiple therapies and soft tissue manipulation, the SBT is customized to each individual client’s needs to reorganize, balance, and improve movements through the myofascial system.
Balances the body by lengthening and freeing tight tissue and stimulating weak and/or inhibited muscles.
Benefits include improved balance, centralization of key joints and posture, increased circulation, relief of pain in the upper and lower […]

Deep Tissue Bodywork

Deep Tissue Bodywork is a general term encompassing many modes of massage therapy. Deep tissue therapies are effective and practical approaches to treating acute and chronic pain and dysfunction associated with the myofascial system (the muscles and surrounding tissues). Through these specialized approaches, Mason is able to lengthen muscles that have been shortened by trauma, […]

Sports Therapy & Sports Injury Massage

Used to prevent and treat sports injury and enhance the body’s ability to perform and recover by using various techniques to stimulate or relax specific muscle fibers.
Benefits include injury prevention, faster recovery, pain relief or elimination, removal of lactic acid, improved circulation, improved flexibility, and decreased spasms.

Therapeutic Massage

Customized to the client for desired therapeutic results; ideal for maintenance following specialized therapy.
Benefits include increased circulation, improved muscle tone and function, stress reduction, deep relaxation, release of mood-boosting endorphins, enhanced muscle recovery, and increased range of motion.