Structural Balancing Technique

Customized to each client's individual needs

Structural Balancing Technique (SBT)

Integrates a combination of therapies and deep soft tissue manipulation, SBT is customized to each individual client’s needs, to reorganize balance and structure through the myofascial system. Learn More.

Sports Therapy Massage

Prevent and treat sports injury

Sports Therapy and Sports Injury Massage

Athletes push their bodies to the limit and need specific types of therapy designed to relieve pain, prevent injury, recover faster, and rid their muscles of Lactic Acid. Improved circulation, flexibility, and decreased spasms are often other benefits of sports therapy massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Ideal for maintenance following therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Benefits include increased circulation, improved muscle tone and function, stress reduction, deep relaxation, release of mood-boosting endorphins, enhanced muscle recovery, and increased range of motion. Learn More.

Classes + Speaking Engagements

In-depth programs and classes for certification hours

Classes + Speaking Engagements

Deep-dive training on a range of methods and modalities, including The Beall Method, which can count towards certification hours for students. Mason Beall is also available for speaking engagements to share his knowledge of structural therapy and health. Learn more.